We’re Back – Almost…

What time is it? What day is it? We haven’t missed 2016 completely, have we? I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle.
Not the entire year. Only January and most of February.
In fairness to us, you’ve been travelling with work.
And you’ve been binge watching TV.
My back is sore from all the time I’ve spent on the couch watching TV. That’s rather pathetic.
I blame Netflix…it’s taken over our lives.
My sore back is proof that I am actually the laziest person in the world. You never believe me when I say that.
And I’m the fussiest – in the last hotel I was in I had them move me 3 times.
I saw the photos – you were right to do that.
I’m not a fan of duck-taped carpets.
Completely reasonable. But we’re back and we hope to have some fun stuff for our readers in the next few weeks.
We do have something new and interesting for our readers next week. Stay tuned.
Is it time for a beer now?
Now? I’m already on my second.

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