What’s in Your Closet?

IMG_0455 (598x800)

It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate over the years. Clothes we no longer wear but can’t seem to part with. Shoes and more shoes.The stack of unworn pieces that I don’t want to give away for various reasons – they were expensive, waiting to find the perfect blouse to go with that pair of odd coloured pants. It doesn’t fit but maybe some day…

And don’t forget the pieces that are kept for sentimental reasons. Like this t-shirt I bought at a concert in San Francisco in the 70’s. Really? I googled the band names to see if any of them are still around. No.

concert t-shirt 70's

Not all of us are hoarders. Irene’s the perfect example of a non-hoarder. She’s organized and a list maker – lots and lots of lists. Twice a year Irene culls her closets  – not kidding – spring and fall. So this year I’m following Irene’s lead.

Last week I pulled everything out of my closest and kept only the things that fit and look great. Letting go of clothes can be emotional so don’t feel you need to do it all at once. But when you do, believe me, you’ll feel lighter.

So what to do with the castaways? Well, we have a couple of great suggestions. Our good friend Val, owner of The Clothes Secret accepts gently worn clothing twice a year. Spring and fall. The beauty of Val’s store is that you can make some money. Val gives 40% of the sales from your clothes back to you.

Clothesline is another option. They’ll come to your home and pick-up clothing and house hold items that you know longer have a use for. These donations help raise money for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Can you believe I’ve had that t-shirt all these years?
Yes. Yes, I can easily believe that. But those shoes, Sydney, they didn’t really come out of your closet, did they?
These shoes are keepers. I love them.
But in the picture they look like something a 1970’s bridesmaid would wear.
Funny. What’s in your closet?
A row of white t-shirts and clothes that are 10 years old because I hate shopping for clothes.
I have a drawer full of black t-shirts. They’re in a draw because that’s where t-shirts belong. Not on hangers.
Then they get all wrinkled.
I don’t care. I never iron anything.
You know what? Like me, you just wear the same t-shirts over and over again.
Nothing wrong with that.
That’s why we both do it.