Design – Founddesign

Front sign

When you first step into Founddesign, you immediately get a sense that this store is a labour of love. It’s not really like a store – it looks and feels more like a space where some people who are passionate about mid-century furniture collect and display all their cool stuff.

IMG_0213 (598x800)

There is lots of teak in this store. All the items are ‘used’, but they are in impeccable condition. And amazingly, they don’t smell of cigarette smoke, given everyone smoked their faces off in the 50’s and 60’s.

IMG_0214 (800x598)

Grow lamp

Lamp planter










I wonder what kind of plants were originally grown in these planter-lamps…





Groovy sectional

Coolest sectional ever and I’m pretty sure it came from I Dream of Jeannie’s genie bottle. If you look closely, you can see that the blue painting on the right hand side looks pregnant – wonderful!

Desk and lamps

More lamps and desks…


…great cutlery.

Airplane ashtray


This ashtray is enough to make you want to take up smoking again.


We got a great cleaning tip while we were there – dust with a dryer sheet and it will keep the dust away longer. It works!


Founddesign is located at 164 Elm St. in Ottawa, very close to City Centre. You can check out their wares on their website. If you don’t live in Ottawa, they’ve got you covered as they will ship worldwide. And if you’re looking for a particular piece or designer, let them know and they may be able to help you out.

I love this place. It’s just like being at my Granddad’s house, but without the clouds of pipe smoke that hovered in every room.
Where are the cocktails? Everyone had a martini or a tumbler of single malt before sitting down to dinner at their teak dinning table.
Good point. I’ll go make the martinis and you ring up Don Draper to see if he’s free to join us.
Great idea. I think Don has some free time on his hands these days.
Is he out of rehab now? Oh, we should get back to the post. Was your grandparent’s house full of this kind of furniture?
My grandparent’s? We aren’t that young – it’s our parent’s house that had this stuff.
Right. I wonder what our parents did with all that amazing furniture?
If they were anything like my parents, they sold it when something new came along – like the 70’s.
My parent’s kept most of the furniture their entire lives.
I have a friend whose dad’s house is filled with original mid-century furniture. He lives not far from your place…
What are we waiting for?
Let’s go. Does everyone love Don or just those of us with low self-esteem?