Stroked Ego – Ottawa’s Boutique for the Modern Man

We’re really excited because this our first post for guys.
And while we talk mostly about girl stuff, we like guys a lot.
We certainly do and everyone has a father or brother or son –
– and we even know some women who still have husbands.
Go figure.
We have some great models and full disclosure here – they’re family.
Mostly – you’re adopted son had to stand in for my “unavailable” son…
And luckily for us, my adopted son rather likes the camera.
Is that why his name is Cam?
Why yes, it is.
So you discovered Stroked Ego a few years ago?
I did, and what a find.
It’s great to find a store that’s not like the Bay or Holt Renfrew…
…not that there’s anything wrong with those stores…
…unless you want service.
Which is what you’ll find at Stroked Ego.
Not only great personal service, but a great selection of everything for the modern man.
It really is astonishing the selection of products Kevin has in the store.
The space is beautiful – a lot of texture with the brick, the ceiling, the floors…you want to live there.
It’s not even a shoe store and you want to live there.
Yo Yo.
And we will get to Breaking Bad portion of our post later on.
Here we go.

Stroked Ego

224 Bank Street, Ottawa, 613-667-3008,
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10-6; Friday 10-8; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 12-5

The Store

Open since May 2010, Stroked Ego is a store that has it all – great staff, great name, great selection, and a great space.








Stroked Ego brings together everything for the modern man – fashion, accessories, personal care products and home decor.

Store owner, Kevin Martin

Store owner, Kevin Martin

After working as a manager for some very large retail companies, Kevin decided to take the plunge himself. Too bad for those big retailers, but a definite win for the Ottawa retail market.

What a great space!


The ceiling – and our readers know we have a thing for great ceilings.




Brick walls and wonderful lighting.








If you can’t make it to the store (but you really have to) you can shop online at Stroked Ego.


Known for cuff links (and something a little more personal than that), Kevin says accessories and accessorizing is big this year. Last year it was the fancy socks, but this year you need the fancy socks and the fancy shoelaces to go with them.



Wedding parties go to Stroked Ego to accessorize all the groomsmen – outside and in! Kevin likes to be able to build relationships with his customers, so for those folks wanting the personal touch, this is the place to go.










Our young models couldn’t get over the ties Kevin has.








Did we mention cuff links? You can’t imagine – in your wildest dreams – the selection of cuff links here.

cuff links2



batman cl






lic cl



lady bug cl






TS cufflinks


Third Son Laserworks is an Ottawa-based company making cuff links, earrings and pill boxes. If you can’t make it down to Stroked Ego, be sure to check out their website.


There’s more…bags and hats and well – you’re just going to have to go and see for yourself…



bag 1


Does that middle hat reminder you of anyone yo?


And now the really fun part – cute guys modeling great clothes! Jim Hamilton is a personal trainer and massage therapist and Cam Rufelds is an actor, writer and law student.


Jim in Black Bull jeans ($75) and a Private Member shirt ($50)

Bright, bold colours are in this year – no time to be shy and monochrome. Checks are bigger and brighter too.

Cam as Sweeney

“How do you like me shorts, mate?” Cam in Bauhaus shorts ($40) and Projek Raw shirt ($58)

Kevin told us there is a world-wide shortage of straight razors thanks to Daniel Craig’s ‘close shave’ in Skyfall.

men with hats

Men With Hats




C&J 2

“That shirt rocks!”














Cam, Jim tie







Women come in and buy some of the clothes for themselves and that didn’t surprise us – there were lots of great shirts we would wear. And super-reasonable prices.

basic t's


Stroked Ego is known for it’s underwear and like the cuff links, you will not believe the selection. And like some of the shirts, women like Stroked Ego underwear for themselves too. We just have a couple of pictures but there’s lots more to see in the store.




wc boxers

World Cup time!









glow weaer


While we were there, we found out about a Bank Street festival taking place on June 21st and 22nd – Glow Fair – with eight blocks of music, lights and performance art. And in the window of Stroked Ego – well, like we’ve said before, you’re just going to have get there and see it for yourself.





Personal Care

And last but not least, Stroked Ego has a large selection of personal care products.










803 (1024x768)




The much-coveted straight razors.





So do you think that brand ‘Private Member’ is a play on words?
Where you going with that, Irene?
Where I always go.


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