Adding Videos to Your WordPress Post

Adding a YouTube Video

When you’re adding a video from a third party application like YouTube or Vimeo, you’re going to ’embed’ some code and you’ll need to do that while drafting in your ‘Text’ tab.

Text tab


In the text tab you’ll see the code that tells WordPress what to do.

I’m going to embed the Sad Dog Diary YouTube video – that thing never gets old!

First, go to YouTube and find the video you’re looking for –

Embed code for video


– click on ‘Share’ and you’ll see options for Share, Embed, and Email – choose embed. The code you need to embed the video is automatically highlighted. Copy that code (control ‘C’) and then paste it (control ‘V’) into your post.

When you do it the first time, you’ll have a wee panic/frustration attack because when you go back to your ‘visual’ tab, it will look like nothing this there. This is what you’ll see in your ‘visual’ tab.

Embeded code for video


But when you ‘preview’ your post, you’ll see the video itself. So you can start breathing again.

When You Make Your Own Video

We recently posted a video we made ourselves for the first time, and it took hours to discover how to do that properly, so here’s what we learnt.

First, the video file (on your phone) is going to be huge and quite possibly when you go to preview it on your computer, it will be sideways. There are apps you can use to rotate the video, but when we tried it, the file wasn’t recognized once it was uploaded to the computer. And there was still the size issue to deal with.

So further reading led us to learn that we should never put a video directly onto our site because it can crash, it can be too slow to load – there can be a lot of problems with it.

So we opened a Vimeo account, but we still had the problem of getting a file that wasn’t huge, and wasn’t sideways uploaded to Vimeo. Here’s the fix we came up with –

  • download the Vimeo app on your phone
  • download a file compressor app on your phone (we used Video Compressor and it’s available on both Apple and Android)
  • compress the file
  • upload it to Vimeo from your phone – best to do that when you’re connected to your Wifi
  • log onto your Vimeo account on your desktop and from there, get the embed code to add to your blog

Lots to learn when adding photos and videos to your blog, but we think it’s worth it. Hope our experience helps you get your great media added to your blog without a lot of frustration.

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