Adding Photos to Your WordPress Post

When you start adding photos to your posts, you’ll upload them to your ‘Media Library’. You can add them into your library while you’re writing your post, or if you have a bunch ready to go on your computer, you can add them all to the library at once and then add them as needed while you’re writing. This is usually what we do because we usually have a lot of photos.

While you’re working on your post, you can add photos by clicking on the ‘Add Media’ button.

Adding Photos1

Re-sizing Your Photos

Most of the photos you take with a digital camera or your phone are going to be huge and will cause your site to be slow when loading pages. A photo from a smartphone will typically be over 1 MB in size and not only is that much too big, you don’t need that size for the photo to look great on your site. So you’ll need to re-size them. We use the ‘re-size’ function in Windows Photo Gallery to get our photos down to about 500 KB or less in size. There are also lots of apps that will do it right on your phone before you upload them to your computer.

Resize photos

In your post, put your cursor where you want to add your photo and click ‘Add Media’. Your media library will open up and you can add your photo. Or, if you haven’t yet added the photo to the library, you can add it now.

Upload files







When you add a photo, you’ll see a side menu (on the right) that will tell you the size of the photo, and give you some options about where to place it (left, right, centre) and what size (small, medium, large) to use. That doesn’t refer to the digital size – it’s the size of the photo on the page.

Upload files1

For us, adding photos takes a lot of work. It’s not unusual for us to take 100 photos for a blog post, and we may end up using 10 of them. We load the photos onto the computer and look at them in Windows Gallery and decide which ones we want to use. Then we crop them, adjust the exposure, re-size them and then we add them to the media library and then the post. And we always move them around before we decide that we’re happy with the ones we’ve chosen and where we’ve placed them in the post.

We’re much better at then we used to be, but it still takes us a long time when we’re working with photos, so don’t get discouraged – they’re a bit fidgety.

Sometimes the photo doesn’t go where we want it to and we still haven’t figured out exactly how to deal with that. We sometimes put hard returns in, while in the ‘Visual’ tab, meaning we hit ‘enter’ a bunch of times. We found with this we have an easier time placing photos and text. But then sometimes when we preview there are huge gaps between photos. Working in the ‘Text’ tab can help.

Text tab for photos

This is what you might see in the ‘Text’ tab when you have unplanned gaps between photos (in your preview pane). Just delete all those ‘ ’ (which means ‘non-breaking space’) and the gaps between your photos will disappear.

As you get more comfortable with WordPress, you may find adding photos in the Text tab gives you more precision with the placement of your photos. Looking at all the discussion threads on the Internet, we’ve discovered we’re not the only ones having some trouble with adding line spaces (it may even have something to do with the browser being used). If we come up with the absolute, fool-proof method, we’ll post that too.

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