For People Who Like Singing and Dancing

1. Petula Clark – Never Enough

Petula Clark (of Downtown, I Know a Place, Don’t Sleep in the Subway fame) is still belting it out at 80+ years of age! She released a new CD in 2013 – Lost in You – and co-wrote this song, Never Enough.

Petula’s not on SoundCloud and amazingly there isn’t a YouTube video of her singing this song, but we found something better – a line dancing instruction video to the song. Get out yer cowboy boots (or as these dancers did, your yoga pants) and follow along.

2. Where the Hell is Matt?

No, we’re not talking about Irene’s brother Matt (which is not to say he hasn’t also gone MIA a few times), we’re talking about Matt Harding who travels around the world making great dancing videos with a whole slew of strangers. He’s not a trained dancer, but after watching this, you’ll want to dance with him.

3. Misty Copeland – I WILL WHAT I WANT

This is a great video by Under Armour (part of a larger campaign) about not listening to nay-sayers and not giving up. It’s a short video of an amazing ballerina/athlete dancing, while a young girl reads lines from some of the rejection letters she had received.

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