Find Paint + Find Music + Fun Music

This week’s 3 Cool Things follow along some things we’ve been blogging and tweeting about in the last few weeks.

1. Benjamin Moore Color Capture

Benjamin Moore has lots of things to help you pick out the right paint colour – here are two of them.

The Color Capture – Benjamin Moore & Co app (for iOS and Android devices) is free and will let you match colours to your existing decor. Take a photo, tap the photo in different places, and you’ll see a series of paint chips pop up.













On the Benjamin Moore website, you can preview paint colours (just follow the link) by uploading a photo of the room you want to paint. You need to register with your name and email address, but then you can ‘virtually paint’ your room with different colours to see what works.

You can see a real change of colour in our Paint Refresh post, using Benjamin Moore paint.

 2. Shazam Update

We talked about Shazam in our Favourite Apps post, and it’s definitely one of our favourite apps, as it can recognize music in a few seconds, and then tell you the name of the song and the artist. Now you can put Shazam on ‘Auto’ and if you’re watching TV, driving in your car, sitting in a salon getting your hair done, it automatically tags music, so you don’t have to scramble for your phone and try to tag the song before it ends.

auto shazamThis is a great feature if you’re watching a show, let’s say like NASHVILLE (Irene’s current obsession), where they have at least four fantastic songs in every episode.

Shazam auto

Shazam is available on both iOS and Android devices.

3. Fun Music

Before she even read last weekend’s post about Flower Arranging and DLCGs, our friend Mike (a fellow DLCG), called to tell us about her fave new song Good Sex by Kevin Drew. It is a fun song – and has a smokin’, X-RATED video to go with it!


Mike also told us about the Benjamin Moore app and website tools, so thanks Mike!