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So we had an interesting Saturday evening last week.
We did – we did a bit of volunteer work – I love volunteer work.
It was a really good experience to serve a meal to some folks who came out to Southminster church for dinner.
I love volunteering because I am the laziest person in the world and if you volunteer, you can’t sit in front of the TV and waste your life away.
And by volunteering, you’re making a difference in the world.
You are making a difference in the world, but mostly you’re making a difference in your own world.
So this past Saturday was really great when we worked with our friend Val, who told us about this program, ‘Out of the Cold’.
As a business owner in Old Ottawa South, Val is very involved in that community and always thinks to invite us to join in.
I was very happy to help out serving dinner to some people I got to meet for the first time.
And I learnt that I would never, ever make a very good waitress. That’s crazy hard work.
It is, and there’s over 200 people who volunteer to do this in Old Ottawa South.
And we were there with a couple of extra sets of hands and our iPhone cameras.
So this post is not about us, it’s about all the good things people do for each other.
Thanks to all the volunteers for letting us hang out with them.

Centre 7 – Out of the Cold

This Old Ottawa South program has been running for 16 years and is supported by volunteers from the community. They serve about 60 – 70 meals Saturday nights from October 18th to March 28th. There are about 25 volunteers on hand for each meal, with 250 volunteers helping out over the five and a half months. The program is supported by Southminster United, Trinity Anglican, St. Matthews Anglican, other churches, area businsses and local donors. Follow the link to find out more about Centre 7 – Out of the Cold Saturday Suppers.

There are similar programs in churches around the city, so contact your local church or community association if you’d like to volunteer.

Southminster United


Southminster United Church in Old Ottawa South, at Bank and Aylmer.



Not a washroom




It’s nice to see the concern for people who are, perhaps, lost in a physical sense, not just a spiritual sense.


Sharon B




Sharon Blakeman, who has been with the program from the start, at work during the first shift.


Vol 1




Dinner prep underway…


Vol 2








This is a well-organised endeavor – spend a couple of hours with these folks, and you’ll see it has to be.


White spuds


The spuds – a lot more food in this kitchen then we’re used to seeing.


Red spuds





We weren’t there for room set-up, but we were told that a family takes time out of their Saturday afternoons to do that.

Room 1










This is the second shift at work…

Second Shift




That’s our friend Valerie MacIntosh from the Clothes Secret at work, and below, some of her recruits.

Through the month of November, The Clothes Secret donates $5 to the program for every winter coat sold.








Dinner is served…




Ham and sprouts




Peach Pizza for dessert…

Peach pizza

And after all the cooking, serving and cleaning up, the day is done…


So who’s the bad and the ugly?
Well I’m obviously the bad…don’t know who the ugly is.
It’s Clint Eastwood – because of the ugly dialogue he had with that chair.


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post about our Supper program! I’m glad you came out to volunteer, see what we do each Saturday and let others know about the on-going need right in our community. One clarification though: Centre 7 is supported not only by Southminster but by Trinity and St. Matthew’s Anglican churches, other churches, area businesses (like The Clothes Secret!) and individual donors. We could not put on this program without the funds and volunteers from all those sources. It is a true community effort! Thanks again. Craig Piche (Centre 7 Steering Committee)

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