Moya Foley Art Ecuador

Costa Flip Flops

We have long been waiting to do this post about our favourite artist, Moya Foley, and we’re doing it now because last week Moya launched her website – Moya Foley Art Ecuador. We are speechless every time we see one of Moy’s pieces and are absolutely thrilled we can share her talent with our readers. That picture of the flipflops above is not a photograph – it’s one of Moy’s paintings. #ridiculoustalent

Map to Moy's (782x1024)


Moy is a Canadian living in Ecuador where she paints and teaches art. Yes, you can take a trip to Ecuador and take art classes with Moy – what a great idea if you’re planning to get away from winter.

Moy’s lives in Canoa – which is right on the Pacific coast – with her dog Martini (and no, that’s not why she’s our favourite artist.)


Moy’s art speaks for itself (and we have a few pieces to share that aren’t on her website because they’re in our houses), so have a look below and check out Moya Foley Art Ecuador. You can buy and/or commission art from Moy through her site by clicking on the blue link, or her homepage below.

Moy's home page

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see on Moy’s site.


Marley (Irene’s dog)

The Pier at Tonchigue (1024x678)

Infinty Mortality Collage


Below is some of the art we own.

Front ring

Circle of life (728x1024)

Napa 1

So we got to take an art class with Moy when she was in Canada this summer. I think we were complete rubbish.
And that’s saying it nicely. Moy has such skill and a unique talent. She’s also a bit of a recluse. Didn’t she live alone on an island for 5 years?
The recluse gene runs in her family – she has some crazy stories about living on that island.
So what did she do in emergencies? Did she have electricity? Was there a corner store?
No electricity, no corner store, no Starbucks even! She hung a sheet out on a tree trunk when she needed someone on the mainland to come to the island. Like the morning she woke up to find a great big boa in her kitchen.
And she stayed there for five years. Remarkable. How did she keep the beer cold?
I think living like that is clearly beyond anything you or I could do. We’d be hanging out that sheet morning and night.
We’d have an a.m. flag and a p.m. flag.
And you would somehow manage to convince people they needed to drop everything and come to our aid whenever they saw the flag. Maybe we could make a go of it afterall.
I don’t know about that. Maybe for a day or two.
You’re probably right. But I came up with the flags just in case we ever find ourselves in that situation.
Brilliant idea. I feel much better now.
We’ll have to start carrying them everywhere we go now – one never knows these days…
Back to Moy – she is truly remarkable. As an artist, she should be world-renowned. Maybe she will be now that we’ve blogged about her.
Yes, that should do the trick! You can thank us later Moy.

Art class

An art class with Moy

Special Sydney & Irene flags in case of emergencies…
white flags

2 thoughts on “Moya Foley Art Ecuador

  1. Moya’s art is amazing and I’m lucky to have some of her best work on my walls. I love the flag plan and think I will wave my white surrender flag in the morning. It is snowing in Alberta and I’m already calling it quits and declaring that winter has won. I will stay in and look at Moya’s tropical pictures and wish I was there – but with electricity!

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