It’s Christmas – that means shopping and lots of photos

We have a couple ‘gift-list’ ideas, and while it may be too late to use them for Christmas 2013, they are great ideas for the rest of the year, and Christmases to come.

1. Wanelo

So, you have teenaged kids, or young adult kids, or kids who are old enough to know what they like. You’ve raised them, you’ve done everything for them, you loved them for waneloyears and years, and suddenly – according to them – you know nothing about them. Everything you buy them is cause for the tilted head ‘you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me, I-hope-you-kept-the-receipt‘ look. Yes, these are the same kids for whom you’ve bought birthday and Christmas gifts for years. The same kids you’ve dressed for years, but now, everything you choose is a disaster.

Wanelo Shopping – Wanelo, Inc. is the answer. It’s a wish list where your kids (or you) can choose from products from all over the world, and then share that list. So next time you need to pick out a gift, check out their list, and get updated on their current tastes. This is a great app to help reduce the stress of Christmas shopping, and is available on both Apple (just click the blue link above) and Android devices, and on your PC.

2. Book Wish Lists

book wish list

Looks like Santa got Irene’s wish list!

And for that person who is never going to use Wanelo (aka your son), both Amazon and Chapters have wish list functions on their websites. You can create a wish list, you can separate it by using different categories, and then share the list. The categories are a great way to reduce the chance of getting the same book from different people, because you can choose which category to share with different people.

3. Perfect365

There’s going to be lots of photos taken over the holidays. There’s just no getting around that, and one of us is guilty of always having the camera at the ready (to the annoyance of everyone around them). And of course, at this time of year, you’re either tired, stressed, or maybe even (if very rarely) inebriated. Perfect365 – Face Makeup Editor, Beauty Enhancer & Fashion Artist – ArcSoft, Inc. is a photo editing app that will work wonders on portraits. It will very subtlety erase some of those fine lines and creases – and at the same time, about 5 to 10 years.

You can also have fun with some crazy filters, but mostly, it makes you look magazine-cover ready. It’s also available on both Apple and Android, and can be downloaded onto your PC.