How to determine if it’s Martini Monday

I’m so excited – we’re posting our first infographic!
And it’s a very important infographic.
I think after working on this infographic, I could probably be an engineer now.
I’m surprised you’re not an engineer. You’re certainly a geek.
Which brings me to a burning question I’ve always had about engineers – if they’re so good with math, why are their pants always too short?
Their pants aren’t too short, they just wear them too high.
Wow – mystery solved. You could be an engineer too. Or a detective! DCI Sydney.
I like that!
Okay DCI Sydney, I just need to point out that Yves and the three female engineers I know, are excluded from this gross generalization. Yves’ trousers are never too short and the three female engineers I know are beautiful and very well dressed. They are in fact, on the ‘babe’ side of the equation.
Well, engineer or not, everyone will learn something from our infographic.
I think we need to toast our first infographic.
Is it Martini Monday?
I think it is. Cheers!


So we did the math…
…and as a detective, I deduced that every day is Martini Monday.
Yes, it’s like one of the commandments now – carved in stone…or ice.


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