Foraging in Gatineau Park

This weekend we headed up to Gatineau Park to do some foraging. With garden gloves, twine, scissors, plastic bags and box for fern, and without water or bug spray (no biggy – it was only about 34 degrees Celsius) we wondered through the woods, collecting far more than we needed and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Here’s a glimpse of our outing.

The path

Beaver dam

The beavers have been busy

ground cover

Wall of ferns

Macro fern leaf

This is a fern leaf photographed with a Kikkerland macro lens that clips onto a smart phone.

The haul

The haul

So Sydney, now what? You love sticks, so naturally I love sticks and think we really need them, but now that I have a stack in my basement, I’m not at all sure what I’m supposed to do with them.
Well, we’re going to sand them down with sandpaper and display them in artful ways.
I have an idea…we can go to the tool library and sign-out a sander.
Great idea except that the sticks are only 1″ in diameter. The sander will obliterate them.
True that. I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about.
But you came up with a better way to carry them.
You realize that if we take my granny cart the next time, it might be easier to bring our haul back to car, but it will confirm us as strange old ladies.
What do you mean ‘us’?


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