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Ceiling lamps

Mikaza Home is a great shop (discovered by Sydney, of course). There are stores in Ottawa and Montreal, and a super website, so anyone can shop there. They describe themselves as a ‘modern’ furniture store, but if you’re of a certain age, you might refer to it as ‘mod’. Think ’60’s, Twiggy, big white sunglasses, Get Smart and sun hats with floppy brims and you’ll get the picture.

Multi-colour sectional

Chair wall

Fabric samples


In Ottawa, Mikaza Home is located at 250 City Centre. Most of the products are made in Canada (which we think is a very good thing) and there is a lot of mixing and matching available. There are TONS of fabrics and wood finished to choose from if you’re buying furniture.







Faucet lampSo many cool light fixtures!
Denim ottoman

If you have any old jeans lying around you don’t know what to do with, you can whip this up in a year!


End table

Blue sofa bed

Black hutch

The accent and art pieces at Mikaza are so much fun, you’ll be hard-pressed to walk out empty-handed. But you’ll need at least one hand free because their Ottawa store is a few doors away from Art-is-In Bakery and that’s a must-stop too.



You love that style that I refer to as ‘crap our parents had’ don’t you? You call it something else though.
I think what you mean is mid-century modern.
And now that it’s many years later, it’s not cheap crap anymore.
That’s for sure, unless you go to estate sales.
I have to admit, after looking at lots of it with you, I do like it now. Better than I did when I was growing up with it.
In the coming weeks we’re going to show our readers some of what Ottawa has to offer if you like this style.
And this is not just for fun – you’re on something of a mission, aren’t you?
Yes. I’m searching for a sofa so stay tuned and watch my year-long search.
Year-long? That’s a bit optimistic isn’t it?

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