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at{mine} is a wonderful design website (discovered by Sydney, of course). We signed up, and have started to add some photos from our homes, but you don’t have to join to enjoy the site. If you’re interested in design for any room, or photography, definitely check out this site.

The at{mine} means at {someone’s house}. Clever, don’t you think?

At first glance you may think that all the rooms and photos are professionally designed and photographed, but take a closer look. There’s cracked paint, chipped kitchen counters, scratched hardwood floors, so it’s a great way to see your own less-than-perfect home in a new light.

People can tag photos with a note about where items came from to help viewers with shopping.

(Warning: time will disappear while you’re on this site.)

Here’s some of the photos we’ve put up.

IMG_9552 (800x763)

IMG_9586 (598x800)

Living room wall (1024x447)

Dining room (1024x576)

Found Art

When you post a photo you can see it featured in the ‘What’s new’ section, which is kinda fun.

atmine page

And of course when you find people whose homes are particularly appealing, you can follow them. You can also follow at{mine} on Facebook and Instagram, and get a quick design fix throughout the day.

So, I’m back from my business trip to Orlando. All that sun and warmth was a tough go.
Thank god you’re back. And today we’re at{mine} having a bev.
It’s good to back and I’m excited about introducing at{mine} to our readers.
I love the at+curly brackets. I’m going to use them all the time now instead of at{air quotes} or at{hashtags}.
There’s a lot to love at{mine}.
I noticed that there’s a lot of at{white} decor on this site – and all the sites you like.
White’s the new black.
I think that if everything was white at{mine}, there would be a lot of at{cleaning} to do.
That’s true. My place is white (surprise) and it takes effort to keep it that way. Especially the white rug which I cover with blankets. Sigh…
That is really too funny, but where there are pets, there always blankets – even in my house where nothing is white.
The things we do for esthetics.
The things you do. I just colour everything orange.
Maybe I’ll switch to black.
Great idea – that should cheer you up! When you’re staring off into space, you really will be looking at nothing…

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