Cats, Bears and How the Internet Came to Be

by Irene

1. Cute Cat Videos

I am a total sucker for cute animal videos. Can’t explain it…embarrassed by it…but there you go. But this video is special – this video takes the cute cat YouTube phenomena to a new level.

In case you’ve never heard of Kevin Richardson, just Google ‘lion whisperer’ and you’ll find out all about him. The first time I saw pictures of him, I thought they were photo-shopped. Click on his name above and you’ll find out about his work and his wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. His message is astonishing and heartbreaking – he thinks there will one day be an Africa without wildlife.

On a lighter note – cats are cute. Big cats, even cuter. And forgive me my shallowness, but it can’t hurt the cause at all that Kevin is a hunk-o-burnin’-love. Plus he has that great South African accent.

And at the 8:48 mark of the video, you’ll see other people come into view – people who cannot walk around in this environment unprotected. It’s very funny to see how they are managing – Monty Python-like funny.

2. The Munchies

Even without the aid of glaucoma-treating drugs, lots of people get the munchies when they’re up late at night. Sometimes you empty the cupboard…sometimes you take the cupboard with you. Fast-forward to the 1:20 mark if you’re pressed for time.

 3. How the Internet Came to Be

So as it turns out, it’s not my fault I like cute animal videos. It’s all part of a master plan by the inventors of the Internet. I thought the porn industry was who we had to thank for the Internet – and there’s a connection – but it’s actually much darker than that. Thanks to CBC’s Irrelevant Show for exposing this secret to the world. Follow the link to listen to the podcast, and all will be revealed.

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