Bloomfields Flowers – Getting Ready for the Holidays


Bloomfields Flowers is ready for the holiday season and this week we went to their holiday launch. Bloomfields is located at 736 Bank Street, in the Glebe (in Ottawa). You can check out their website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but really, you need to get yourself to their store – it’s amazing!

3 WM

Metal fox and squirrels

Tree bobbles

Below is a larger gallery of all the amazing items we saw at (locally owned) Bloomfields. Given our vast knowledge of horticulture, you’ll see we’ve referred to some of the flowers as ‘purple flowers’ and ‘greenery’, rather than using their real (undoubtedly Latin) names. Click on an image to see it full size.

Bloomfields is one of our favourite stores in Ottawa.
We both wanted to buy every single thing we saw there.
It’s a good thing most retailers don’t know how to do what Bloomfields does because we would both be impoverished.
I’m just trying to think – out of all the wonderful things there – what you’re going to buy me for Christmas…
I’ll have to think about that… there’s so much to chose from.
I know you want one of those blankets – D&J, take note…
Can’t have too many blankets.
Can’t have too many of anything we saw.
For us, Bloomfields is THE most beautiful florist in Ottawa.
It is an awe-inspiring store. I’m actually at a loss for words it’s so beautiful!
That’s a first.
I know! I think the pictures speak for themselves, so Ottawa, get yourselves to Bloomfields.

outdoor candles

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