About Us

Hi Irene – is our blog live now? Do we have our great logo up?
Yes, we’re live, Syd, and our logo looks great.
Should we introduce ourselves?
I think so.
Okay. I’m Sydney. I’m the one on the left.
And I’m Irene – the one on the right. (I’m just a little concerned that font makes me look fat.)
We’re both single moms.
That’s right. We’re both on our own, we both have kids, so technically we’re single moms.
What do you mean technically? We’re both separated and we both have kids. We are single moms.
You’re right. But maybe we should mention that our kids are adults and don’t live with us?
Well if we’re going down that road, I’m an orphan too.
We both like martinis.
And other beverages.
And as single moms, it sometimes feels like our lives are a teeny bit pathetic…
Not because we are lacking in any way…
No, it has more to do with how life happens to us.
Actually, this is more about how life happens to Syd. So really, my life is not pathetic at all. Okay, maybe just a smidgen, some of the time.
We don’t know what we’re doing wrong…
(Obsessive, compulsive, delusion, perfectionist… there’s more…)
We do all the right things. All the things you’re supposed to do to have the perfect life.
We work hard.
We socialize.
We exercise. Well, you do.
We eat well and we read meaningful books.
Well, you do.
We’re good moms and good friends.
And yet, our lives aren’t as perfect as we’ve been led to believe they should be. But we’re taking charge, and we’re going to turn things around.
Okay, so what do we do first?
Well, I’ve been doing some reading about how to change your life. We need to come up with a plan for the next 90 days, and then decide where we want to be in 10 years.
Ok. Somewhere warm.
Brilliant. I think we’re on our way.
And between now and then, we can talk about all the things we love – interior design, clothes, books…
Music, cooking, TV shows…
Restaurants, pubs, favourite shops… our iPhones.
Oh yes, our iPhones. Maybe now would be a good time to say we live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
And that we’re going to blog every day.
We’re not going to blog every day, Syd.
But other bloggers do. That’s what we have to do.
There are no rules, Syd. This is our space. And besides, our friends are busy people. Often too busy to read a blog every day. They have important things to do. Like watching reality TV, or powering through a whole series on Netflix, or when there’s nothing on TV, playing hours and hours of solitaire on their phone. They’re just like us.
I’m not really convinced, but okay. I think it’s time to celebrate with a martini. I’ll get the Grey Goose and be on my way over.
And I’ll post our first article – how to make the perfect martini.


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