6 Pieces of music you need to listen to right now

I really like the title of our post. We’ve got six great pieces of music.
And the whole post was inspired by our first choice – First Aid Kit. And then we realized we hadn’t done a music post in a while.
Yeah, it’s been a while. I don’t think we’ve been so excited about music until we heard First Aid Kit on the CBC.
It’s such an amazing CD. We haven’t listened to much else since we got the CD. So Sydney, tell me about their connection to Patti Smith…again.
As the story goes, Patti Smith was listening to them sing at a concert and the Waitress song made her cry.
That’s how your story goes. That’s not actually the real story, is it Sydney?
You’re right – it’s not. But that’s what I heard…
Sometimes we get our facts mixed up.
So in fact, it wasn’t the Waitress song, it was Patti’s song, ‘Dancing Barefoot’, and the concert was the 2011 Polaris Awards.
It’s good you have me to google everything.
And be bossy…
That too. All the music in the post is courtesy of Spotify, and if you don’t already have it, you’ll need to download it, to listen to the music.
We’re going to talk about each piece of music between each playlist. Irene spent a lot of time getting our text bubbles sprinkled throughout, so don’t skip them.
I made her say that. 🙂
Onto the music!


Spotify recently became available in Canada. You can download Spotify here for free (yes, another media service on your computer, but it’s worth it), register, log in, and stream lots of music. Spotify needs to be open in order to listen to the music below.

If you hover your cursor over the right-hand side of the playlists, a slider appears, and you can move it down to see the whole playlist.

Send us a Tweet or add a comment to let us how you like our Spotify post, and if you have any recommendations for us!


First Aid Kit is a Swedish duo of two sisters named Johanna and Klara Söderberg.
They are only in their early 20’s, but they sing like they have centuries of experience.
It’s a truly amazing album.
My favourite line is from Master Pretender – ‘shit gets f–cked up and people just disappear’, and ain’t that the truth.
I like the Waitress song. I talked to Patti – she likes it too.
See – can’t really believe a thing we say.

First Aid Kit – Stay Gold

Now we’re going talk about a tribute album for JJ Cale.
So even though it’s not technically an Eric Clapton CD, he arranged for all the artists to sing on it. We think…
And we could be right this time.
You have more confidence in us than I do.
To me, it’s the quintessential road trip CD. I listened to it over and over while driving Highway 1 in California this summer.
I don’t have road trip music – not necessary when you’re on the road to nowhere. Or the Greyhound on the #7.
You could make your own bus trip CD.
I’ll just listen to Fist Aid Kit.

Eric Clapton – They Call Me The Breeze

Next up is Foy Vance (not a group but one guy, born in Northern Ireland…those Irish dudes…too much talent). Foy relocated to the Southern States with his father-preacher when he was a kid.
How did you find him?
A side benefit of not being able to sleep at night, is you get to listen to the BBC and they have a great music program on around 2 a.m., via the CBC.
I don’t usually wake up until 4 a.m. and I read.
By 4 a.m. I’m listening to Connect Asia.
Let’s listen to Foy now. Do you think ‘Foy’ is short for something?

Foy Vance – Closed Hand, Full of Friends


Our first single is from Culture Club. Yes, we’re talkin’ Boy George here, and this is their first song since 1999.
So, when did he get out?
I had totally forgotten about that. But yes, I think he’s been out for some time and he looks and sounds very edgy. I’ll be dancing to this song for a long time.
I’m excited to listen to it.
Get the wine ready – there’s some kitchen dancing about to happen.

Culture Club – More Than Silence

On to Bryan Ferry. I just love this song.
Did you know that my horse was named ‘Roxy’ after Roxy Music? It was just a way to get Dan to go along with the whole ‘I need a horse’ thing, but it totally suited her. She was ‘Roxy’ in her heart and soul.
We heard people really loved his band back in the day.
We’re too young to know about that though.
You named your dog after a musician too.
Don’t tell anyone this, but Marley was named Marley long before I convinced Dan we needed a dog. And that worked too.
You’re brilliant.
If only I could take that to the bank.

Bryan Ferry – Loop De Li

For our Canadian readers, our next recommendation – Adam Cohen – is mandatory listening.
Adam’s dad, who is of course, Leonard, was a constant crush for the women in my family. Still is.
Adam’s touring Canada right now and on November 22nd, he’ll be playing here in Ottawa at Algonquin College.
He’s been singing for a while, but this CD is really something special. Probably his best to date.
I agree.

Adam Cohen – Love Is

So just to clear up some of our previous confusion, Bruce Cockburn was never married to a man.
And Bryan Ferry was never married to Iman.
David Bowie is married to a woman, named ‘Iman’. It’s no wonder we get things mixed up.

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