Winter on the way

There is almost nothing to be happy about with another Canadian winter looming. But here are a few things that might help you through it.

1. Touch Gloves

Finally! Gloves that work on a touch screen! Now they won’t be warm enough from touch gloves resizeDecember to February, but they’re great for November and March, and are light enough to wear under your mitts the rest of the winter. You can get them from Amazon for only $13.99 and they come in several different colours.

Checking bus times will never be daunting again!




2. goLite Mood Relief by Apollo

You don’t have to suffer from SAD to be in desperate need of more light during the go light 1winter, and according to the documentation, blue light is supposed to be most effective (and safe) light to help restore your natural circadian rhythm. This is a great little light to have on your desk at work, for use in the morning or afternoon as it’s dark both in the morning and afternoon when you’re at work. And the blue halo-like hue emanating from your cube will be a topic of conversation for your cube mates.

go light 2


Or put it by your beside, and let it help wake you up in the morning while you’re listening to the CBC, trying to convince yourself to get out of bed. On eBay, this light sells for anywhere from $40 to $75. You can get a similar light by Philips (on Amazon), but it’s about $140.

3. Sun Alarm 

Another great way to help you get up when it feels like the middle of the night, is a sun alarm. These lights come on gradually, so you wake up to a gradually lit room. The Philips light below is available through for $150, or for only $82.

Or, you could just get a timer for your low-light, bedside table. They cost about $15 at Home Hardware. And (contrary to what Sydney thinks), you will not be shocked into a timerwakeful state when your bedroom light comes one…because it’s likely a 40 or 60 watt bulb, so not really enough to shock you awake. And it does the same thing the sun alarm does – you’ll gradually wake up to a room that has light in it.