3 Cool Things at the Lake

We’re spending a week at one of the most beautiful places in the world – Lac-Ste-Marie, Quebec – and Irene’s sister, Bridget is with us. You won’t be surprised to see the three cool things from our week there we want to share with you. We’re having lots of fun and taking lots of pictures, which you’ll see and hear all about in our next two posts.

1. 3 Cool Things on the Deck

Beerguaritas on the deck

Beerguaritas on the deck

To make beeguaritas, just mix 1 can of limade, 1 can of tequila, 2 bottles or cans of beer and lots of ice. Easy-peasy.

2. 3 Cool Things on the Dock

red wine

Californian Ridge Wine on the dock

For a great glass of wine, open bottle and pour into glasses…

3. 3 Cool Things in the shade



We’re returning to our roots here. To find out how to make pomtinis (and read about our love of the martini) you can check out our very first post here.


One thought on “3 Cool Things at the Lake

  1. Bridget, welcome to Ontario for your visit! Long distance to travel to drink in the wilds of Quebec. How far we have come from straight up lemon gin behind the high school each weekend. But the company is great and I am sure that if a soundtrack was part of the post laughter would be the most prevalent sound. Enjoy the visit to the “homeland” and say hi to big brother – let him know that I am still the only person in all of Canada without a cell phone now that he has gone high tech on me. Have fun ladies – raise one of those Beerguaritas for me – just the beer part, forget the rest – I am still a simple small town girl.

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