Travel x 3

Our readers know that one of us likes to travel (Sydney) and one of us goes nowhere (Irene). But that’s okay, because in the age of the Internet, you can see the world on your computer. Below are a couple of short videos from the Vimeo world.

1. George Steinmetz Desert Air

This George Steinmetz Desert Air video will take your breath away. The photos are as amazing as the ones our Commander Hadfield sent from the space station. You’ll probably want to rush out and get the Desert Air book after watching it.

2. Michael Sugrue Heart of Africa

Heart of Africa from Michael Sugrue gives you not only a glimpse of the country, but the people too.

3. Having a wonderful time…wish you were here…



Postale is an app that takes your photos and turns them into postcards that you can then share via email, text, tweet or print and put in the real mail. Like most photo apps, there are different filters, layouts, and stamps. It’s $2 and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Here are a few samples –




the falls

River 1











River 4








And for our other traveler friends, JB and Taylor (who ALWAYS sends postcards), this app is a must for you!

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