3 Quick Tools to Improve Smartphone Photos

We take hundreds of photos on our phones so we’re always on the lookout for ways to make those photos even better. Here are three new things we’re trying out.

1. Photojojo Lenses

Photojojo sells smart phone lenses that won’t break the bank. They have five standard lenses to choose from (wide, macro, fisheye, telephoto and polarizer), starting at $20, a sampler kit for $49, and the whole set for $99. Shipping to Canada is a flat $10. I ordered the telephoto lens and it arrived within two weeks. This isn’t going to get you close to a bear, but for some enhanced close ups from your phone, it’s pretty good. The lens comes with a thin adhesive magnetic strip that you stick on the back of your phone, and then the lens attaches magnetically. And the lens itself is small enough to carry around in your purse or pocket. Very cool. They also have a huge selection of other great smartphone accessories that you would never even have thought of. You’ll definitely want to check out their site – some great Christmas gift ideas there.



With regular zoom from about 50′ away



close flowers

With telephoto lens








2. Fotopro Tripod

I got this great little tripod at Black’s (in Ottawa) for $20. We haven’t used it yet, but for our next cooking post, we just might (together with our Hyperlaspse – the new Instagram, FREE, time lapse photo app). It comes with an extension arm and it holds your phone with a large plastic paper clip, so it works with any phone. You can tilt your phone to any angle.


Tripod and extension



tall tripod

Fully extended, about 3′ high









Without the extension, about 4″ high


3. VSCO Cam

I read about this free photo app in an article about food photography, in which the author – a foodie – said anyone can now take magazine quality food photos with this app. It’s available for both iOS and Android.


VSCO Cam App









Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Edited with VCSO Cam – the colours under water, brighter and richer



Just to clarify – this wasn’t dinner. This was a walk by the river.










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