3 + 1 Final Makeup Tips

Here are a few final makeup tips following our eye makeup post, our face makeup post, and our bronzer post. All of the products below can be found at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada, so likely most drugstores will carry them.

1. Two more products for your eyelashes

Eyelash serums are becoming more popular for growing your lashes. Do they work?

Peptalash $

Peptalash $25

They do for me. I’ve tried $100 lash serum and $20 lash serum, and have noticed results from both. Using lash serum seems to thicken, lengthen and fill in my lashes. These days I’m using Peptalash (apply it like you would a liquid eye liner). You can put it on morning and night, but I’m just using it at night.

lash primer

Smashbox Lash Primer $20

Another product that I like for making lashes whisper-worthy (‘are those her real lashes?’) is lash primer. I haven’t always found lash primer easily available, but Smashbox has some (maybe they’ve had it for a while and I just never noticed), and it works beautifully. Apply the primer to your lashes, then apply your mascara and you’ll find your mascara goes on more evenly and has a more dramatic effect.

2. Eyelid Primer

lid primer

Smashbox Eyelid Primer $22


Just like there’s an app for everything, these days there’s a primer for everything. This is another Smashbox product that I really like. Apply a very thin layer onto your eyelid and your shadow will go on more smoothly, and last longer. It’s especially great if you’re wearing shadow from lashline to brow.

3. Self-tanner/Bronzer

I’ve recently tried another bronzer – Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face and Décolleté – and I love it.

Clarins Bronzer $35

Clarins Bronzer $35


It’s sublte, it lasts days and you can just add a little bit each day until you get the colour you like. After that, once or twice a week will keep your colour as dark as you want it. As far as I’m concerned, self-tanners are an absolute must for those of us enduring Canadian winters!