Strange and wonderful sights and sounds

You know that saying ‘truth is stranger than fiction’? It’s true, and real life sights and sounds are stranger and more beautiful than anything a computer could generate. Here’s 3 cool examples of that.

1. National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

You’ve probably noticed we love photos. If you haven’t looked at the National Geographic 2014 contest entries and winners, you are in for a treat. You can see all the entries here – National Geographic Photo Contest 2014, and we’ve included the winners below.

Nicole Cambré won first place in the Nature category.

Jump of the wildebeest at the Mara River

The Great Migration by Nicole Cambre

Triston Yeo won first place in the Places category.

The Thermal Spa in Budapest, Triston Yeo

Bathing in Budapest by Triston Yeo

Brien Yen won first place in the People category.

Taken in Hong Kong by Brien Yen.

A Node Glows in the Dark by Brien Yen.

And it gets better. Many of their photos are available for download to be used as wallpaper. Download 5 or 10 or 15, and use them as a wallpaper gallery on your desktop. Turning on your computer will be a delight every time. You can find the wallpaper page here – wallpaper download page.

2. NASA on SoundCloud

NASA now has a stream on SoundCloud that covers everything from lift-offs to CRAZY sounds from outer space. Captain’s log, star-date unknown…

Below is the Cassini: Enceladus Sound – whatever the heck that is.

The entire NASA stream can be found here –

3. Hang Drum Magic

Ever heard of a hang drum? Us neither, and they are kinda impossible to describe, so have a look at this video. Cute guys playing them too, which is a happy coincidence. The duo is called ‘Hang Massive’. For real…we’re just going to walk away from that one…


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