Gardening, May 2014

It’s not exactly balmy in Ottawa yet, but everything is blooming, garden centres are open and when we look out the window we see grass, not snow. So here’s a bit about gardening.

1. Anti-squirrel Snake

We tweeted about this idea last fall when the squirrels were busy digging up everything to bury their nuts. Get a plastic snake from the dollar store and put it on your patio, by your planters, in your garden, where ever pesky squirrels are wreaking havoc and you will never see them again.

anti-squirrel snake

2. The High Line, New York City

If you live in a city and think a garden is hard to find, think again. In NYC, you’ll find a linear park built on a section of elevated train track called the West Side Line. It runs along the lower west side of Manhattan and has been redesigned and planted as an aerial green way.The High Line. It is a remarkable redesign of abandoned space which has since help gentrify lower Manhattan.

photo: Finchermac

 3. A Gardening Blog

I used work in one of the most beautiful gardening shops in Ottawa called Horus Urbanus. It was great fun and I learned a lot about plants and flowers from the owner, Ailsa Francis. Ailsa closed the shop in 2007 to focus on gardening design and her wonderful blog called Hortus 2. If you need gardening advice or have a question take a look at her blog.





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