3 More Ways to Welcome Spring

In our post week, we had some great ideas (2 or 3 of them) for welcoming spring. Luckily the whole welcoming spring thing isn’t just reliant on us. So here are 3 Cool Spring Things we thought you might like.

1. Outdoor Art in the Glebe

Okay, so these sculptures aren’t just for spring, but you may not notice them in the winter because you would be walking with your head down and your hood touching your nose. Unless they aren’t up all year long, which is entirely possible as there’s no looking up in an Ottawa winter.

So look up, look wwwwaaaaay up (that was for those of you who remember the Friendly Giant) and enjoy the great metal sculptures in the Glebe Skyline.















These sculptures are the result of a City of Ottawa public art program and they were all made by Tim desClouds (so that’s an incredibly appropriate last name).

You can find out all about Tim’s work in this YouTube Video

2. Nature Canada – Naturehood

Naturehood is a program that’s connecting Canadians to their surroundings to teach them more about what can be found where they live. It’s a new program so there are only a couple of places (Ottawa and area and Saanich Peninsula in BC), but they plan to expand.

They also have the bird tweet of the week. Incredibly hokey, but it’s one of my favourite features on the Saturday morning radio show I listen to. So check it out and find out what’s going on in your neighbourhood.

Apparently we can see lots of owls in Ottawa








3. Raccoon Solutions

For those of you good people using a green bin, or anyone with a garbage can sitting outside, only to discover a group of raccoons munching on the pizza you pitched out, these garbage can straps are for you. They’re from Raccoon Solutions for ten bucks, but they also have a ‘Store Locator’ page on their website so you probably buy them at your local hardware store.

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