3 Cool Infographics

It’s finally that time of year when thoughts turn to life and leisure on the patio. We’re here to help with some tough decisions you may be facing while sitting in the sun.

1. Should I Have Wine?

Generally speaking the answer to that question is always ‘yes’. But if you’re wavering, if it’s a school night and you think you should wait until the weekend, some great oenophilia (we don’t know who exactly) created this infographic to help you decide.

Should I have wine

2. What Glass Should I Use?

For those of us unsophisticated folks (read here: Irene – Sydney always knows what glass to use), we have another infographic that explains it all. Again, we don’t know who owns the great mind behind this document, but we are grateful for it.

Beverage glasses

3. Is It Martini Monday?

We couldn’t do this post without including our own great infographic. You can read all about it here – How to Determine if it’s Martini Monday.















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