3 Christmas gift ideas for that ‘impossible-to-buy-for’ friend

Christmas is about three weeks away and everyone has those difficult to buy for people on their list – the person who has everything, the person for whom you’ve already bought everything over the last many years, the person who lives far away and it’s too late to send anything in the mail, and the socially responsible person who doesn’t want anything. Here are some ideas for all those people.

1. A donation in their name

This works for all of the above people, but especially for the socially responsible friend or family member on your list. If you’re interested in the environment and animal protection (as we are) the World Wildlife Fund is a good choice.

Through the World Wildlife Fund and the World Wildlife Fund Canada, you can make specific donations to either (or both) endangered animals and places. For $40 you can ‘symbolically’ adopt a species at risk and get a stuffed animal in return.

There’s a wide range of donation options, so check out their website.

If you’re looking for something local, just Google ‘donations as gifts + (your locale) and you’ll gets lots of ideas. We know here in Ottawa, the good folks around the city who prepare meals for people in need would be happy to be on your Christmas gift list. Check out the Old Ottawa South Out of the Cold post we did a few weeks back.

2. The gift of education

This is perhaps, more in keeping with the ‘nature’ of our blog – we’re talking about classes at the LCBO (for our readers outside of Ontario, that’s where we buy wine, vodka, beer…).

They offer fantastic courses on wine and beer tasting, wine and food pairings, cooking, and we recently went to an evening event where we learnt about mixed drinks. For $25 were shown how to make – and got to sample – five different mixed drinks, perfect for the holidays. And they sent everyone home with some brandied cherries and simple syrup to use in our own drinks. We discovered mixed drinks are a lot more complicated than you think, so we’re probably just going to go to Union 613 to have a drink, but it was a super evening.

And when the class is over you can go shopping – in the liquor store ’cause that’s where you are. How great is that?

You’ll find these events on the LCBO website under ‘Learn‘.

3. The gift of music

Always a strong choice and perfect for the holidays, send some music to your far-away loved one via the Internet and iTunes. No wrapping, no mailing, no lead time needed. If you haven’t done it before, here’s how you do it –

Go to your iTunes store, search for the song or CD and select the drop down menu by the price. There, you’ll get the option to ‘Gift this song’.

Gift a song 1 resize

Once you select that, you’ll be directed to another window where you’ll be asked to enter the email address of the person you’re sending the song to, and you’ll be able to include a short message and choose a holiday-themed gift card.

Gift a song 2 resize Gift a song 4 resize. Gift a song 5 resize

Within a day, iTunes will send an email with your message and gift.

And if you like the idea of music, but you’re stumped about what song or CD to choose, check out the music post we put up in November. Or check back in a couple of weeks when we post our Christmas music favourites.





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