New Photo Apps and a Great Idea for Printing all Those Photos

by Irene

Apps and photos – two of our favourite things!

1. PaperCamera

This is a very cool app that turns your photos into paintings or sketches. I’ve used another one called Waterlogue (and told you about it here), but the difference with this app is that you see exactly what it will look like before you take the photo, and you can adjust it before you take the photo. There are a ton of options.



This is what you’ll see on your phone lens when you’re about to take the picture.



Below you’ll see a ‘normal’ photo, and the same one taken with PaperCamera.

Silk Flowers

An untouched photo



PaperCamera Silk flowers

As a watercolour









The Warhol Effect





An ink drawing







Printed on paper, these would make great greeting cards!

PaperCamera is free for both iOS and Android.

2. NightCap Pro

Night photos are always a challenge – especially when you like dim light and candles as much as we do. So we have a new app – NightCap.

You can adjust the settings to slow down the exposure and do lots of fun things like making lights trail. We haven’t played with this app too much, but stayed tuned for some cool low light photos in upcoming posts. Below you can see two photos – one taken with the regular iPhone camera, and one taken with NightCap Pro.

Regular camera

This photo was taken with the regular camera app – most of the flames are blurry and washed out.

Nightcap Pro

This is the NightCap photo – the difference is subtle, but most of the flames are much more clearly defined. I need to get Sydney to work her magic with this app.

There are two versions of this app – NightCap is $1.90 and NightCap Pro is $2.90. There’s also a website with tutorials that you can see here – NightCap.

Sorry to report that NightCap isn’t available for Android devices, but there are other night photography apps on Android.

3. Photobook Canada

What to do with the 2,000 photos on your phone? You’re not likely to print them all – that’s a lot of paper and probably not cheap. But you can put them in a book.

This isn’t a new idea, but it can be an expensive choice – not with Photobook Canada. They have great prices and they always have sales on. They also often have Groupon offers.

I ordered two for Christmas presents – one for Sydney and one for my sister Bridget. Plan to spend some time putting it together – which you can do online. You can adjust the background, the layout, add text with lots of different fonts to choose from, add a border or shadow – the layout options are extensive.

From the time I hit ‘submit’ to the time I got the books was only 7 days. And they are printed and shipped from Malaysia! The shipping only cost $9 for each book – you couldn’t mail anything anywhere in Canada and have it delivered in a week for $9! I was thrilled with the product and would highly recommend this service. Here’s a sample of what my books looked like. You might recognize the photos from the time we spent in Lac Ste-Marie this summer.



3 photo layout






Sunrise photo








I ordered 8″ x 8″, 40-page, soft-covered books which can hold many, many photos. You can also order larger hard-covered books. A great idea for the shutterbug!

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