In case you missed these the first time ’round…

Here in Canada, it’s been winter for about six months. Every day it’s at least -30° Celsius, colder in some parts of the country. We no longer believe in spring or summer – we no longer remember what spring and summer are like. We’re tired…tired of winter…tired of work…tired of living in the cold…

So we don’t have anything new to share for this week’s 3 Cool Things, but we think some of our previous 3CTs were pretty good, so in case you missed them – and for our new followers – here’s three of our most popular 3CTs.

1. A video, a sculpture, a favourite actor

In this post we talk about our favourite music video, Passenger 24, by Melissa McClelland, a great horse sculpture by Joe Fafard, and one of our favourite actors.

2. A music documentary, finding music, gifting music

We loved the documentary, Searching for Sugar Man. The soundtrack (Searching for Sugar Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Rodriguez) is super too, and available on iTunes for only $7.99.

We’re always looking for new music, and gifting music is a great idea anytime. Especially in the never-ending dead of winter…

3. Timelapse photography, and the Woody Allen documentary

In this post you’ll see two incredibly cool timelapse photography videos, and read what we thought of the Woody Allan doc.