The Brilliance of Design

1. Architect Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand is considered one of the greatest architects of his generation. He is known for his absolutely gorgeous modern interior designs and signature use of marble. Joseph believes light is more important than architecture – it gives space life and art is the best way to understand how we live in the world. He lives in Paris in the 8th and 9th arrondissements. Not a bad place to live. This is a video of his personal apartment – there’s a sofa in the hallway that I must have and Irene can’t get over how he pronounces palette.

2. Tim’s Vermeer

This is an amazing video about how inventor Tim Jenison conducts experiments to discover how Dutch Master Johanne Vermeer actually created his incredible paintings. Tim’s Vermeer can been seen on Netlfix where we first saw this video and wanted to share it with you. This is a fascinating film and study of extraordinary patience.

3. Jewellery designed by Dorian Hamilton of Getyourbullionon 

Our third great design item is a little closer to home (for us, anyway – he’s located here in Ottawa). We have a new favourite jewellery designer – Dorian Hamilton and his company is called Dorian. You can see his work on his website at and he makes jewellery for both women and men. The video is so cool because how often do you get to see an artist at work? From raw material to finished product? Dorian’s designs are one of kind and you can see more of them by following the link above. There’s no doubt in our minds, he’s destined for fame and fortune with his jewellery designs.

Dorian’s jewellery was on my (Irene) birthday wish list this year and my kids gave me a necklace – that’s their initials stamped on the charm. I also got a fantastic bracelet from, who else, Sydney! We plan to do a post on Dorian’s work this year, so stayed tuned.

Necklace & bracelet



Necklace charm with initials

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