A video, a sculpture, an actor

1. Passenger 24 – song and video by Melissa McClelland

 Passenger 24

Click on the blue link above to see what we both think is maybe, the most amazing music video ever made. We discovered it a few years ago, loved it, and within a day, forgot the name of it. We spent hours online trying to find it again.

“Was it Passenger 74?”
“I thought it was 54. (Or am I thinking of a really old TV series about a car…)”
“No, it’s definitely not 34. I’m sure it’s a high number.”

Eventually we just Googled every number under 100 that ended with a ‘4’, and finally found it again, so we bookmarked it. Melissa has since recorded several different versions of it, so we’ll never forget it again.


The song can be found on her CD entitled Thumbelina’s One Night Stand.



Now, Melissa and her husband, Luke Doucet have joined forces to become Whitehorse – one of our favourite groups. Their latest CD is called The Fate of the World Depends on this Kiss (is this not the best CD title ever?)


2. The Joe Fafard Running Horses sculpture outside the National Gallery on Sussex Drive



This incredible sculpture is set up outside during the summer months. It’s worth seeing inside the rest of the year, but now even more people can enjoy it. And if you happen to venture too close, or stand in the middle of the laneway to take a picture, the super-efficient security guards at the Gallery will immediately come to your aid.

3. Ryan Gosling…in anything…looking into the camera…looking away from the camera…breathing…