3 Cool British Videos

We love the Brits – we’ve commented on how we think our lives would be better if we had British accents and sometimes we’ve even pretended we do. So here are some videos featuring some of that crazy British talent.

1. George Ezra and Sir Ian McKellen in the Listen to the Man video

That’s another reason we love Britain – you can still become a knight! George Ezra (new to us) has a ridiculously low voice, and gorgeous face. (Wonder if his dad is single…) And Sir Ian is brilliantly funny.

2. Sam Smith singing Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car

Sam Smith’s Stay With Me has been all over the airwaves in the last year. It’s a beautiful song, but his cover of Fast Car is pretty amazing too. Oh, and he’s very cute too.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch on the Graham Norton show

Is it safe to say that Benedict Cumberbatch is everyone’s favourite Brit these days? Probably. And of course hearts around the world were recently broken because he just announced his engagement. Here he is on the Graham Norton show – another great, hilariously funny Brit.

4. Bonus track!

This amazing video by the band OK Go was shot with an octacopter aerial drone, and many hundreds of very skilled dancers. OK Go is a US band, not a UK band, but they’re so cool, and they wear Beatlesque suits – they could absolutely pass as Brits. And we’re pretty sure they got their socks at our fave Ottawa men’s shop, Stroked Ego. The song is called I Won’t Let You Down.

Thanks to Bridget and Taylor for tipping us off to some of their fave things that have become some of our 3 Cool Things!

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