A documentary about music, finding music, gifting music

1. A documentary about music – Searching for Sugar Man

First astonishing fact we didn’t know: South Africa is as beautiful as California.

Second astonishing fact we didn’t know – or weren’t sure about: there are still remarkably humble people in the world.

Third astonishing fact we always new: there are amazing film makers in the world.

This is a beautiful movie about a beautiful man. It’s available from Amazon, and of course, it’s on Netflix.

2. Finding music

You don’t have to make a documentary to find the music you like. Shazam is probably our favourite app. When you hear a song you like, launch the app, touch the screen and Shazam will listen to the song. As soon as it ‘tags’ the song (recognizes it), it will show the song, the artist and the album and provide a link to iTunes, so you can download it. And it keeps all your tags, so later, you can go back a week or a month if you suddenly remember about the song.

shazam 2 resize







3. Gifting music

One of our favourite things is sending a song to someone. For $.99 you can make someone’s day! Sending a whole CD is a great birthday or Christmas gift, especially for someone who has everything (aka a house full of stuff). Go to your iTunes store, search for the song and select the drop down menu by the price. There, you’ll get the option to ‘Gift this song’.

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Once you select that, you’ll be directed to another window where you’ll be asked to enter the email address of the person you’re sending the song to, and you’ll be able to include a short message.

Gift a song 2 resize Gift a song 4 resize. Gift a song 5 resize

Within a day, your friend will get an email from iTunes saying you’ve sent them a song.