3 Cool Things from Bloomfields Flowers

In case you missed our post this week, we went to the holiday season launch at Bloomfields Flowers in the Glebe. Bloomfields is one of those (much-too-rare) magical retail spaces where every item looks as those it was carefully hand-picked and placed exactly where it should be in the store. And don’t even get us started on the flowers!

Their holiday season stock was so wonderful, we just had to point out a few of our favourite things again. So here they are, and if you missed our post, just keep scrolling down and you’ll see it right below this post.

1. Klippan Blankets

A bit of background. Klippan is a family owned business that started in Sweden in 1879. Their blankets are made with pure lambs wool from New Zealand and the designs are incredibly beautiful which makes it difficult to decide which one to buy. Klippan is one of the very few producers of this kind left in Europe. These blankets are meant to be handed down to future generations. I have my eye on the one second from the left…















2. Reindeer Soap Dish

Soap dish


Great for Christmas…and all year long as far as we’re concerned.









3. Flowers/Plants

Bloomfields Flower collageBloomfields is a florist and their flowers and plants are the best!

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